🍞 Best Keto Sandwich Bread? I Like This One!

I found this keto bread at Wal-Mart and I like it A LOT more than I thought I would. Most of the low carb bread I’ve tried hasn’t been great, or it was pretty okay but super expensive or hard to get (or both). Not only do I actually LOVE this keto bread, but it’s reasonably priced and super convenient – because I can just pick it up at Wal-Mart anytime.

Lewis Bake Shop Keto Bread at Wal-Mart You can see the ingredients, nutrition facts & reviews ^ on this page

I’ve been ordering online lately because it’s so much easier to do that + curbside pickup. It saves me tons of time AND money, because I only get what I want – and don’t end up adding a bunch of extra stuff (I really don’t need!) in my cart along the way.

At my Wal-Mart store they also carry the hot dog buns, regular or Hawaiian, and I love both for making keto friendly garlic bread and garlic cheese bread. They’re great for eating hot dogs or smoked sausages (with a bun!) too of course but they make GREAT garlic bread.

Just make sure you get the bread & buns that say KETO on the package, because Lewis Bake Shop has other breads too, that aren’t low carb.

It makes the most delicious grilled cheese!

Or bacon, egg & grilled cheese sandwich.

I shared this on Facebook and A LOT of people said they love this bread too.

You can see that discussion here.

If you prefer to make your own, this recipe is GREAT and super clean:

Keto Loaf Bread Recipe Low Carb Sliced Bread (Gluten Free)

I haven’t been cooking lately, and I don’t have much of an appetite either, so this keto bread was a great find! When nothing else appeals, I’ve been having a low carb grilled cheese for dinner – and sometimes add deli sliced chicken.

I highly recommend it if you want a convenient option, and something you can pick up in a local store – that actually tastes great! I prefer it toasted in butter in the skillet – as a grilled cheese or grilled sandwich – but it tastes great and has a good texture without toasting it too.

You can add it to your Wal-Mart order here:
Lewis Bake Shop Keto Bread at Wal-Mart

It’s really good. It isn’t coarse or spongy like other low carb breads I’ve tried, and way cheaper than other brands I got in the past. Most of those I had to order online and wait days (or a week) to get – and I can get this one anytime!

I haven’t eaten low carb bread in a long time, store bought I mean – I did make that recipe a couple years ago, and it was great! Anyway, from the comments on our Facebook discussion it seems like most people have heard of it and tried it already (and love it too!), but just in case you hadn’t seen it – or you were curious about it – I hope this helps!

It’s nice to find convenient low carb replacements when you need them, or just want them. 😉

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. Black Friday is over, but they have some really good Cyber Monday 2022 deals at Wal-Mart on that page now. I’ve been shopping online there more and more because the shipping & local pick-up options are just way easier – and lately they’ve had even better prices than Amazon, where it used to be the other way around. It really depends on the day and the products, but I’m loving the app & pickup for convenience!

Plus you can get Ebates cashback ordering online from Wal-Mart too, which really adds up! You can also link your debit card and even get cashback shopping in-store. 😉

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