Feeling Stuck or Unmotivated? Thought for Today…

You are not lazy, unmotivated or stuck. After years of living your life in survival mode, you are exhausted. There is a difference.

Thought for today accepting where I am – but not getting stuck there

This really spoke to me.

A friend of mine shared it on Facebook, and I’m not sure the original source, but I stopped for a long quiet moment while sipping my collagen coffee this morning… and nodded – yes, yes I am.

I’m feeling some better this week finally. Last week was still quite rough, even after testing negative and being through the worst of a second case of covid.

I still had a deep dry cough (bronchial inflammation), junky sinuses, swollen lymph nodes & serious fatigue. I’m glad to have that behind me though. I did pretty okay considering my condition…

As of Saturday I was able to start back with my physical therapy in the pool and get back to my acupuncture appointments, and basically get back to focusing on the great progress I was making with my recovery.

To catch you up, I’ve been diagnosed with Long Covid Dysautonomia since my first (mild) case of covid in 2020 – 21 months ago.

Then yesterday I had a 3 hour dentist appt.

It was great to finally get the dental care I had to put off while I couldn’t drive or get out for so long, but GOLLY GEEZ life can be SO full of exhausting things. lol – seriously!

So yeah… I pondered that image and it’s message for a good long minute.

It matched what I was writing in my journal just last night, and felt like the validation I’ve been speaking to myself, through grace and patience.

But it also made me realize… I don’t want to be exhausted anymore – or stuck.

I’m doing all the things. I’m still resting and pacing of course, which is a big part of my recovery, but I’m also actively working on rebuilding my strength and mobility, and being very proactive with rebuilding my social circle and finding FUN things to do now that I can get out a little more often.

I’m making positive changes at work and at home too, really focusing on priorities and things that motivate me and/or give me that feel-good pick-me-up! Now that I’m up and around more, and more able, rearranging and organizing is next on my list. That always makes me feel better!

* a little at a time, of course. 😉

I mentioned a few things that help in my last post: When you’re having a bad day… but I would love to have an open discussion about this, and hear what’s working (or not) for you as well…

The big thing for me at the moment is: accepting where I am – but not getting stuck there. So every day I acknowledge where I am, and my current limitations (health issues, etc), but also ask myself:

What ONE thing can I do today that will FEEL GREAT or make a positive difference?

That’s where I start. Then I do that thing.

I’m going to leave it there for now, because I’m off to do my one thing. 🙂 But I would really love to open this discussion and hear how YOU FEEL and how things are going with you.

Maybe you’re NOT feeling “stuck” and you’re on a great roll lately, but surely you can relate or you’ve felt that way before. What helped you the most? Or if you ARE feeling unmotivated and uninspired or exhausted… what do YOU feel would help YOU most?

Let’s start by talking it out a bit, and then we’ll go with my “Okay, Now What?” approach… and come up with some solutions and ideas, so we can all work through this together.

Perhaps a Fall Challenge that incorporates more than just food & weight loss, like: overall health & well-being, lifestyle goals, HAPPINESS and growth and inspiration and all the GOOD things we want in life…

What do you think? 🙂

Accountability always helps, and making positive changes is more fun when you do it together!

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. The pool I’ve been using for PT is open 3 more times before they close for the season. I went this past Saturday and it felt SO GREAT to get in a 40 minute walk and swim!!

A friend of mine has a pool she said I can use through October, so I went out Monday and walked a bit there. Once fall sets in though, the nearest indoor pool is a 2 hour round trip (still a bit of a challenge for me), but hopefully I can work up my strength & mobility enough by then to get out and go for walks again. That would be SO nice.

I also found a doctor that specializes in the lymphatic & venous system (the problems I’m having with my leg), so that’s my next step in medical care as I navigate my way through longcovid recovery. Wish me luck!

I cannot wait to be well enough to hit the (easier) hiking trails again!!

Thought for today accepting where I am – but not getting stuck there


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