Happy July! 👙 What are your Summer Goals?

We’re halfway through the year, and I don’t know about you… but I’m ready to turn things around and RAMP THINGS UP for this second half of 2022.

While I’ve been consistently eating low carb all year, there are still a lot of positive changes I’d like to make. Hitting the halfway mark finally gave me that spark of motivation I needed!

I’m pretty happy, or content at least, with my life and how I’m doing things at the moment (all things considered – being unwell and all). But I’m just sort of coasting along really. Reaching that halfway mark prompted some serious questions in my mind this week:

How do you want to end this year?

How do you want to look?

How do you want to FEEL?

my answer to all 3 is: HAPPY!

What would you like to improve or change?

What would totally LIGHT ME UP looking back at this year when it comes to an end?

You can accomplish A LOT in six months – or even in just six weeks, or six days. 😉 It’s really all about small changes done consistently, for gradual growth and positive progression.

I like that WAY better than some huge ambitious goal that overwhelms me to the point of shut-down. I think it’s pretty common to create BIG goals that require BIG change, but then struggle to follow through, or ever reach that goal.

Thinking back over both my career and my health & weight loss journey, the most obvious WHY or reason for that stood out to me. It’s because the VISION of that end result is exciting! That’s why thinking now about the end of this year lit me up a little bit. 🙂

Of course any real transformation (that sticks) or big goal in your life… takes time. Time being: consistent daily habits (ie the work). That’s really what any positive change boils down to: creating new habits, breaking old habits, changing your routine.

It’s so easy to get comfortable, even when it’s UNcomfortable. That’s human nature I think, to resist change, even when change is exactly what you want. Crazy, right?!

I’m dealing with a lot of health challenges right now, but I have a list of small changes to try, things I can test to see if they improve my current condition, and my overall health and well-being. Your goals may be way more ambitious than mine, and that’s awesome! I just want to get myself back to a solid baseline (ie consistently functional). Then from there I’ll set more specific goals.

If you’re curious, I’m testing things like: cold therapy, acupuncture, mct oil (this worked well for me before), electrolytes, a short term liquid diet (mainly bone broth), isometrics (now that I’ve regained more muscle control), etc. I really miss being able to go for a walk too, so I’m going to test a swimming pool to see if I can do a short walk in cold water while holding on to the edge.

I’ve experienced mixed results with “cold therapy” trying it off & on the last month, but I haven’t been super consistent with it, and maybe not going cold enough. Eek! ha:) Anyway, nothing too ambitious or exciting, but things I think will really help.

But days keep going by, and my effort is “hit or miss” – not really consistent at all.

Can anyone out there relate?!

Some days I’m not up for going to the cold spring, or even up for taking a whole shower. But I could still start my day with a super cold face wash. That’s easy enough! No matter what the goal is, I always say: 1) start where you are, and 2) do what you can.

I would love to hear your summer goals, and what you’d really love to change or accomplish by year end.

Getting a vision in your mind that EXCITES you is key. Then you can work backward from that image, your goal, and make a list of things you will need to change or do to make it happen, so you get to FEEL it! One thing I like to use as a journal prompt is this question:

What does the happiest, healthiest version of myself look and feel like?

My advice: embrace the process and plan to ENJOY the journey, “play the long game” so to speak. Celebrate the small wins! But without seeking fast results or specific short term goals, without seeking immediate gratification or even affirmation, but simply for the satisfaction of working toward good things (vs standing still, or coasting).

A “small win” doesn’t have to be confirmation from the scale, or anything obvious or visible at all. It can be just knowing you made all the right choices today, and falling asleep with a smile knowing you’re one day closer to your goal!

That’s the TOP reason I hear people use when they give up on a goal, any kind of goal – because they weren’t seeing results, or seeing results fast enough. But we all know that how we live daily, our habits and routines, are exactly what got us where we are today – and also, exactly what will get us where we will be 6 months from now, starting a brand new year.

Take a moment to imagine yourself kicking off 2023 as your BEST self, feeling amazing, a sense of accomplishment that has your smile beaming! While you still have your eyes closed, imagine turning to look at yourself in the mirror. What do you see? What did you do? How do you feel?

Some food for thought today. 😉

I hope this note finds you having a great day! xo

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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