Happy Monday 👋 How Are Your 2023 Goals Going?

Struggling with motivation? Getting a slow start on your goals? You are not alone. 😉 I thought it might help to have a casual open discussion, share our thoughts & feelings, and hear from others – to gain a little perspective, and maybe even some inspiration.

I would love to hear your WINS or what you’re struggling with, what you most want to change or accomplish this year, and just how things are going in general. Drop a comment on this Monday Goals Chat note and join in!

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We all know how GREAT it feels to go all in and be 100% committed to a goal and excited about the results. And also, how frustrating it feels to “fail” or lose that excitement and motivation.

I know for me personally, quitting or giving up never works. I always find my way back to starting over, even if it takes longer sometimes. Which begs the question:

Why bother quitting, if you’re just going to have to start all over (again)… ?!

Let’s Break That Boom & Bust Cycle!

About a month ago, the second week of January I think, I saw a friend, and we were talking about the new year – and resolutions or goals.

She had quit smoking, started a new diet, was trying to add in exercise consistently to an already full schedule – with health issues. And she was frustrated already.

I totally get that. I had a hit of anxiety just listening.

I was in my own boom & bust cycle at the time, the “bust” part specifically, recovering from my (ambitious) year-end trip. I had a GREAT time, but totally crashed the day after I got home. Good timing though, lol.

I didn’t really have any advice for her. I was pretty fatigued and just getting through the day, but my response was this:

“Isn’t it weird how we’re supposed to be all hyped up and super motivated right in the middle of WINTER and right after all the year end holiday stuff that’s pretty exhausting? That seems like crap timing.”

Truly, I feel like the “New Year” should be in March or something, maybe when Spring starts. Don’t you agree?!

No Pressure, Just Practice

She agreed, and I went on to say I had big goals for the year too, but had already planned to coast through January after my trip. BUT, I was still going to “practice” my goals – or the positive changes I want to make this year.

That’s not as fun as getting all hyped up for JAN ONE and the New Year and all that, but it took the pressure off – so I was able to completely avoid the discouragement and disappointment that always follows… and just get in a nice easy groove.

“Eh, let’s just practice.” ~ That’s what I told her, and we had a laugh about it. 🙂

I said I’m doing ZERO PRESSURE and am just going to practice “getting good at my goals” every single day from now until Spring. And by then, I’ll be doing great at it all, and be on a good roll by the time the season changes.

I like that idea. It’s not right for everyone, but maybe it will work as good motivation if you need a do-over or a restart. 🙂 I just wasn’t ready to dive in full-on when the ball dropped this year. I dropped with it, lol…

I’m still working through a long recovery and tons of health issues, so my situation may be different than yours. We’re all in our own unique set of circumstances, and on our own individual journey.

Still, I can practice.

For me, that looks like this: I wake up every day and decide to be the happiest healthiest version of myself I can possibly be. My goal: to end every day, happy with how I spent it.

I have mixed feelings about that quote/image. ^ It has it’s place for sure. Especially if you’ve been through or you’re going through a serious trauma or major health crisis. I find acceptance, self care and GRACE are key to getting through that hard stuff.

Sometimes putting the pressure on is helpful.

Sometimes it just makes things worse.

There are times that pushing myself gets me out of a bad place and into a GREAT one. And there are times it completely tanks me – AND my motivation.

I’m not always perfect about seeing the difference between rest and enabling, or self care vs self sabotage. Not in the moment at least. Years ago, when I really struggled with yo-yo dieting and eating disorders, it took me forever to realize that “treating myself” was really… treating myself badly (ie self sabotage). That was a sobering moment – ugh. But enlightening, and the turning point to finally overcoming my toxic relationship with food.

Food for thought today…

I’m working on that right now: finding the right balance. Trying small changes. Focusing on the moment I’m in, and just living one day at a time. No pressure, just practice…

-> Practicing being the happiest healthiest version of myself right now, all day every day.

That feels a lot different than trying to get to a specific goal or a certain weight or waiting to be the happiest version of myself sometime in the future if/when this/that changes or improves or whatever.

Back to you!

I would love to hear how 2023 is going for you so far, what your goals are, what you’re working on, your WINS or challenges or hopes or struggles. Leave a note & let’s discuss!

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

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