Keto Antioxidants 🫐🍹 Video Taste Test

Pardon my neuro issues in this video, ha – even on my better days I still struggle with coordination & speech, etc. I had a really good day though and wanted to try this new Super Reds mix, and taste test it for you. This is the newest release from Perfect Keto, and my first time trying it…

You can read more about it and see the ingredients & benefits on this page:

Super Reds Keto Antioxidants

You can add it to water for a flavor boost AND energy boost. You can add it to your yogurt, tea, low carb smoothies or keto shakes too. So many options! Would you use this? If yes, what appeals to you about it most – and how would YOU use it?

I already use their unflavored collagen powder in my morning coffee and like their black cherry electrolyte powder. See: Creative Ways To Add Collagen Protein To Your Keto Diet (And Why You Should)

And in this post I did a video taste-test when I first started using the Perfect Keto electrolyte powder: Video Update: I’m Almost Back! I was doing a lot better then, toward the end of last summer through mid October – before I crashed again. 😉

It says these Super Reds boost energy. I could use that for sure! Plus antioxidants fight inflammation and help with anti aging hmm. This may actually be good for me since I’m not eating much lately…

They have a sitewide sale with this new product release. Get up to 30% off & your choice of FREE GIFT with orders over $80 + plus free shipping.

Tip: don’t add a discount code or you won’t get the full 30% off! The sale details are at the top of this page.

These are sweetened with fruit and fruit extract and stevia.

RE: that erythritol bomb last week I’d love to hear your thoughts & questions! I’ll tackle that topic next if there’s any interest or concerns. 😉

I hope this note finds you having a GREAT day!

The sun is shining here in Tennessee again, and I’m feeling good.:) I’m getting excited about spring, longer days, getting back to cold therapy in the river – and physical therapy in the pool when it reopens soon. So much to look forward to!

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. Yes, I’ve lost more than half my hair, and it’s still falling out. *since I got sick. But I have lots of new growth lately, yay! This LONG recovery thing has required tons of patience and grace…

Thank you for being so supportive & encouraging through it all! xo



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