Video Chat: Motivation vs Commitment

A quick video note from Lynn!

Motivation is one of those things I’ve always struggled with, just like everyone else. Or most people, I should say. I’ve never been one of those “magically motivated” types. I do get stuff done and make things happen though, but it rarely EVER comes simply from being motivated.

Most people don’t believe that about me. They say, “I wish I had your motivation!” to me all the time. It’s not about motivation, I tell them, it’s about wanting something – and wanting it bad enough to do the things to make it happen.

I shot you a quick video to share what works for me, right at a moment when I was pushing through a serious lack of motivation, and why I do that, plus the thought process I use to stay focused on my goals – and creating the life I know I want for myself.

It’s a short video (7’ish minutes) with a personal update too, just a friendly chat. 🙂

You can watch this video on Facebook and see the discussion there, or you can also play it right from my blog without having to be on or open Facebook:

I’m feeling better tonight, by the way. I shot this video Tuesday afternoon. I’ve had a rough few weeks but finally feel more stable after another good rest today. That swim and cold water did me a world of good!! Even though I didn’t FEEL like doing it. 😉

I also did cold therapy in the cascades above Burgess Falls yesterday, which really helped – and felt AMAZING. That was such a great way to celebrate the end of summer on our last hot sunny day for awhile here in TN, and made me smile from the inside out.

Doing all the things for recovery alone feels like a full time job – acupuncture appts, physical therapy, lymphatic massage, rest and pacing, doctor appts, managing medical bills, ordering & taking supplements, trying new therapies: trial & error, getting compression garments on and off. If you’ve ever worn those you know what I’m saying! (lol) And then of course I still have to work, pay the electric bill, do the dishes – you know: all the real life stuff to keep things going.

It’s a challenge some days. Most days actually. But I’m doing the things, and staying focused on the highest priorities, one thing at a time, one day at a time.

That’s not about motivation. Like I said in the video, it’s about wanting to be the happiest healthiest version of myself, every day, no matter the situation or circumstances – and staying focused on the results, instead of the choices & tasks.

Some days my body needs rest, and I totally respect that. I’ve had to learn all about “pacing” – the hard way, ha! If you’ve known me for long, you know I’m all about pushing my limits. 😉 Right now though, I’m learning to RESPECT my limits.

Still though, on the days I can’t do much, I ask myself: what *can* I do? It might be as simple as sitting in the sunshine for 20 minutes on my porch, choosing healthy foods that serve my body well, doing this full body lymphatic massage in bed, reaching out to a friend, chair yoga, finding someone to support and encourage, or even enjoying a good movie and a pint of low carb ice cream.

I watched Father Stu the other night. That was a really good movie! And tonight I’m re-watching The Bridges of Madison County.

The most important thing for me, and for anyone I should think, is to ask myself: How can I make today GREAT? How can I make it count, even in some small way, that makes me fall asleep at the end of the day satisfied with the choices I made – and happy with the way I lived my day.

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. In case you’re just tuning in, I was diagnosed with Long Covid Dysautonomia after a mild case in late 2020 that caused my nervous system to malfunction. That was 22 months ago.

It’s been a serious challenge, and A LOT to learn and deal with. I’m hanging in there though, and have improved DRAMATICALLY over the last 6 months. I’m still hopeful for a full recovery, and staying focused on whatever that takes.

p.p.s. It takes a lot more than just “motivation” 😉

Me, before I got sick:

I’ll get back there. Watch me! 😉


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