Wendy’s Frosty Recipe (vegan copycat)

Craving a cool, creamy, chocolate-y Wendy’s Frosty? Then you’ll LOVE my healthy vegan copycat Wendy’s Frosty recipe. It takes just 6 super basic ingredients + 3 minutes to make (plus a little freezer prep!). It’s the perfect treat on a hot day.

I know you think that a dietitian probably only eats kale but I’m gonna be real with you: I grew up eating exactly the same stuff you did, and I had a MAJOR obsession with Wendy’s Frosty which I thought I would have to say goodbye to, after going 100% plant-based.

Instead, I figured out a copycat Wendy’s Frosty recipe pretty much immediately and have been enjoying them ever since…I just haven’t put them on the blog until now! You see, plant-based recipes can do just about anything. There is zero deprivation required to eat this way. I am a true believer that nutrient-dense healthy eating should taste really, really good, which is why I wrote my books Eat More Plants and Good For Your Gut.

Why You’ll Love this Vegan Copycat Wendy’s Frosty Recipe

Let me be clear: not everything you eat has to be ‘healthy’ in order for YOU to be healthy.

But, it’s nice when you can make a healthy treat that you enjoy just as much…because it means you can enjoy it ALL THE TIME. And I like treats pretty much daily. I’m one of those annoying live-to-eat people. But, I also like feeling energized and well. Just so we’re clear about my motivation, ha!

This healthy, vegan Wendy’s Frosty is packed with benefits:

It packs in plenty of calcium for strong bones thanks to fortified non-dairy milk
It contains good for your gut ingredients like flavonoid-rich cocoa and banana, which contains microbiome-boosting FODMAPs.
This healthy Wendy’s Frosty has fewer added sugars and almost no saturated fat
Oh, and it’s DELICIOUS cuz that’s kind of important

Vegan Wendy’s Frosty Ingredients

A Wendy’s Frosty is essentially a cross between a chocolate milkshake and chocolate soft serve, so it’s super easy to make a healthy Wendy’s Frosty that’s completely vegan. 

Frozen banana: frozen bananas make an instant vegan soft serve, so I use them to give this vegan Wendy’s Frosty that soft serve consistency.

Unsweetened chocolate non-dairy milk: I like oat milk for an even creamier consistency but almond milk works really well too! You’ll freeze some into ice cubes the night before (or use water ice cubes in a pinch!)

Vanilla: you may not realize this, but much of the flavour of chocolate is actually vanilla! This is a flavour booster

Cocoa powder: a little extra cocoa powder for a richer chocolate flavour. Use raw cacao powder for a boost of antioxidants

Maple syrup: sweeten to taste…this is YOUR drink! Omit if using sweetened non-dairy milk

Cinnamon: I find a pinch of cinnamon minimizes banana flavour and also adds a bit of depth, kind of like the malted flavour of a Frosty

Tips + Tricks

Keep peeled frozen bananas + chocolate milk cubes in the freezer at all times so you’re ready for a frosty anytime!

Want a spoon-able treat? Use 12 cubes + 1/2 cup fluid milk

The riper the banana, the naturally sweeter the drink. If your family eats a lot of bananas, buy two bunches at a time so one has time to ripen before you freeze it.
The recipe doubles or triples easily for friends.

Don’t have chocolate non-dairy milk on hand? Use 1 tbsp cocoa powder instead of 1 tsp

Don’t like bananas? Substitute the banana with 6 cubes of frozen chocolate non-dairy milk. You’ll blend with 1/2 cup more non-dairy milk for blending…so it’s chocolate on chocolate!!

Low FODMAP: On a low FODMAP diet for IBS? Substituting the banana for frozen chocolate almond milk as above will net you a lower FODMAP treat!


Wendy’s Frosty Recipe (vegan copycat)

Craving a cool, creamy, chocolate-y Frosty? Then you’ll LOVE my healthy, vegan copycat Wendy’s Frosty recipe. It takes just 6 super basic ingredients + 3 minutes to make (plus a little freezer prep!). It’s the perfect treat on a hot day.
Course Dessert, Snack
Cuisine American
Diet Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
Keyword chocolate, drinks, shake
Dietary Preference Gluten-Free, nut free, vegan, vegetarian
Prep Time 3 minutes
Total Time 3 minutes
Servings 1 serving


1 High Speed Blender


1 medium ripe banana frozen

6 ice cubes made from water OR frozen chocolate mylk

¾ cup unsweetened chocolate non-dairy milk i like oat or almond

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

1 teaspoon cacao or cocoa powder

2-3 teaspoons maple syrup to taste

pinch cinnamon


Blend all ingredients 30-60 seconds until smooth.


Can you only find sweetened chocolate non-dairy milk? No problem! Just omit maple syrup

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