What’s Your Keto Morning Routine?

A morning routine is a great way to kick-start an awesome day!

Some people prefer to jump out of bed and hit the gym or go for a run first thing. I am NOT one of those people lol. But I admire those who do!

My morning routine has been the same for years, which is one of the great things about routines – they tend to stick! That can be GREAT if it’s a good routine, but not so great if it’s NOT starting your day off on the right foot.

I prefer an hour to myself in the mornings, usually on the back deck, and always with a collagen coffee. That’s when I plan out my day and get my head on straight – before I greet the rest of the world. (this “me time” is definitely necessary !!)

My sweet 2-legged and 4-legged daughters saying good morning

Guess which one is my favorite!

answer: it depends on the day…

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My daughter starts her day with a collagen coffee as well. She’s turning 26 next week, and in that hard-working phase of her 20’s where she’s working double shifts at two jobs – and somehow finding time to hit the gym in between. respect!

That’s her coffee above. She likes the Cinnamon Toast collagen from Perfect Keto with whipped cream. I’m a little more “vanilla” – except not. I like the Perfect Keto unflavored collagen powder in my coffee. 😉 This is mine, on the deck of course:

It actually IS unflavored, not salty of funky like some other brands – plus adds a nice creamy texture to my coffee. Then I can add in sugar free syrups for flavor, heavy cream – or you can fix your coffee however you prefer without the collagen messing up the taste.

I also use their Almond Butter Brownie protein bars, but those are out of stock right now. (boo!) I’m down to my last one too! I love those for a quick meal replacement at my desk or on the go…

I haven’t tried their brownie & pancake mixes yet. Have you?

I got some to try.

I’ve been using their collagen & bars for years now though, and those are my two main staples from Perfect Keto – and that’s pretty much been my morning routine for awhile now.

I’ll have my collagen coffee when I get up, then a bar closer to lunch – and that holds me over until a simple dinner of meat & greens. That makes the day easy!

My daughter is staying with me still, until early next year, so on days she’s home she’ll usually make “breakfast” for lunch or dinner.

She isn’t a morning eater either, but we both LOVE breakfast foods.

Some people like to start their day with a solid meal, some like to have their bigger meal at dinner. I used to like a big breakfast, and honestly can’t remember when I switched, but either is okay in my book.

I always say: “Eat when you’re hungry, don’t when you’re not” (ie listen to your body!). I don’t personally thing there’s a right or wrong way to eat outside of that – basically: mindful eating.

But I do think a morning routine can make a big difference to your day, every day, and ultimately your lifestyle and your goals!

Speaking of “breakfast for dinner” – I love that Perfect Keto came out with a GOOD low carb breakfast cereal earlier this year. Sometimes that’s just the perfect thing at the end of a long day when you don’t want to cook. Don’t you agree??

I love the Honey Nut and the Cinnamon cereal mixed together, with unsweetened almond milk or milkadamia – plus raspberries & blueberries.

If you’ve been around awhile you already know I am NOT one to meal prep.

My daughter is the exact opposite. She prefers to have her week laid out, and prepare plenty of things to grab & go – or to heat up quick meals.

She’ll make up things like boiled eggs, sausage balls (just sausage + cheese mixed up & rolled into balls & baked crisp!), or cook up a big batch of “chicken fried rice” (with cauliflower rice), etc.

As we prepare to kick off the Fall Challenge, I would love to hear about YOUR morning routine, what works best for you – and/or what you’d most like to change. Leave a comment and let’s discuss ideas & options, and get some inspiration from each other. 😉

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. If you stock up on Perfect Keto collagen during GOOD sales like I do it’s up to 40% off this week! It works for everything else on their site too.

Get up to 40% off at Perfect Keto this week!

I like their original keto protein bars, low carb peanut butter cookies, LOVE the new keto cereal and I really enjoyed the new Keto Mac & Cheese. I started using their Black Cherry electrolyte powder also (I mentioned that in my last blog post I think). I just made myself an electrolyte drink “to go” because I’m heading out for a swim and some sunshine.


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