When you’re having a bad day…

I’m feeling a bit down today. I was just reading back over last week’s low carb diary and love how positive and patient I’ve been through this whole ordeal, being basically handicapped for the past year. I really appreciate those of you that have stuck this out with me too… a lot.

What to do when you’re having a bad day…

I’ll share some food pictures & updates with you too (below) but I thought this was a good topic for us to discuss, given how common it is to “stress eat” or turn to food when you’re having a bad day. Not that it ever makes anything better, which took me a long time to learn.

These are just some random thoughts, in no particular order, but I hope you find them helpful…

Realize that it’s JUST a tough morning, or a hard day – not a bad life. It’s easy to let your mind spiral down a rabbit hole. Reel it back in!

Go back to bed. 🙂 I personally think that’s a perfectly acceptable response to a sh*t day!

Remind yourself what’s GOOD and focus on the things you’re grateful for in your life.

I do try to focus on the good points, and remind myself anything hard or bad usually passes pretty quick, or does pass eventually, or get easier at least. But it’s not about forced “positive thinking” or trying to resist negative thoughts. But rather…

Accept what is, then decide how to respond to it and/or what to do about it.

Not everything can be “fixed.” Sometimes you just wake up in a funk and it’s a matter of getting through the day or working through a mood. I tend to go on autopilot: just do the things, or do nothing, and ride it out.

Mindless tasks help like dishes, laundry, cleaning out a drawer or closet, or at work: switching to bookkeeping or data entry vs creative work.

Better yet, find something to do that makes you HAPPY or warms your soul!

I can’t really do much today, but I did take my big goofy dog for a short ride in the car with the windows down for some fresh air, just a couple of miles and down by the dam to look at the river and enjoy the sound of water for a few minutes.

Or often I’ll pop online, and find someone else to support or encourage. It only takes a few minutes and I can do that on my phone from anywhere.

There is always someone out there having an even harder day than you (or me), and I find that always helps me put things in perspective. Plus the act of doing or saying something kind is a great way to take the focus off yourself and your own thoughts or issues.

If it’s something that REALLY has me wound up or bothered, journaling is my go-to. One of my favorite journal prompts is the “Worse Case Scenario” – because it’s never as bad as it seems in your head. Or if it is, just putting it on the paper or screen in front of you is a really great way to sort it out.

There’s nothing new or terrible going on in my life, by the way. Just the usual. I’m currently on day 8 of covid, on top of still managing Long Covid Dysautonomia from having it in 2020. I’m doing pretty okay all things considered – just wiped out, and sick of being sick.

That snack plate ^ looks great, doesn’t it?

I haven’t had much of an appetite this week, but that picture from a catered event a few years ago crossed my screen the other day – and I’ve been craving it ever since. I love finger foods!

On that plate: fresh berries, brie, sliced ham, various cheeses, green olives, sliced cucumbers and raw zucchini sticks.

I lost my sense of smell yesterday, or maybe the day before. I’m not quite sure exactly when that happened actually. I can still taste, but just barely. Not a big deal really, but I will say… bacon is kind of an odd food if you can’t taste it or smell it.

That’s what I had yesterday: bacon & eggs.

Otherwise I’ve just sort of been snacking here and there, or having a protein bar if I feel a little hungry (or need to take meds).

Truth: I mostly just picked out the salty pecans. Those are my favorite.

Ooh – I had a Pineapple Pork Stick the other day too. Those are SO good. And I ate that before I lost taste & smell, lol – yum! If you haven’t tried Roam Sticks from Singing Pastures, I highly recommend those! (and I don’t even like meat sticks usually)

Hmm, the other night I had chicken thighs with roasted broccoli:

I feel like I’m missing a day, but I’m fading fast. I really haven’t been eating that much so far this week. I did eat half a protein bar earlier today, and had the full plate of bacon & eggs yesterday.

I’m thinking tonight I’ll have fried smoked sausage with steamed broccoli, or maybe grilled chicken with roasted broccoli. I’m still trying to work up an appetite. 😉

I’m resting a lot, drinking plenty of water, a bite here and there of easy or salty things, having my usual collagen coffee every morning still – and also adding in electrolytes.

Speaking of, I really love adding that Perfect Keto black cherry electrolyte powder to the BodyArmor Lyte watermelon or tropical coconut – then pouring it over crushed ice.

That’s SO good together!

The crushed ice melts quick, but if it’s too strong I just add a dash of cold water.

Get 20% off at Perfect Keto with code LYNN20
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That’s ^ where I get my unflavored collagen powder too, and the protein bars I use.

I have plenty of things here to snack on, make or cook. I just feel rotten, zero energy, and honestly don’t feel like eating much. So my apologies for not having some better examples to show you this week. 😉

I have bone broth, that’s easy enough to warm up and sip on. I have 4 farm eggs left too, and that smoked sausage – which would go great together. And I have lots of salty/crunchy things I can snack on for a “quick fix” out of my recent Keto Krate boxes:

That was the July box. Did you get that one?

I haven’t opened my August box yet, but I can do that and show you what’s in it if you’re interested?

This link will take you to their best deal: Get 25% off the August Keto Krate. Right now it’s $10 off your first box plus a free guide with a 7-day Keto Meal Plan included.

Oh – and I had a plain ribeye one night!

That’s on my Instagram here.

How are things going with you?

I mostly just wanted to reach out and say HI! and share what was on my mind as I navigated the funk I woke up in this morning – figuring it might just be helpful for someone else out there… too. 😉 xo

I look forward to getting through this “flu” (I’m SO over it, grr!) and back to doing daily food diaries like I used to do – once I’m eating like a normal person again.

Here’s a recent one for example:

One Week Keto Food Diary (And What I Would Change)

I’m at least keeping it sugar free and very low carb.

If I had my way about it, I’d prefer to just have a fried egg and hamburger patty or a good plain ribeye every night, but I’m too sick to care (or cook) – and just using up what I have on hand already. I don’t even feel like doing a grocery pickup. Although that’s going to have to happen soon, because I’m out of ranch dressing now – lol…

Lynn Terry
aka @LowCarbTraveler


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